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We lead international collaborations that make students

more creative, more world-savvy, and more human.

In a land of low-level standardized testing, we at Blue Planet Writers’ Room are convinced that creative international projects between groups of students in different countries can spark creativity and improve learning.

And in this often tumultuous world, we also believe that this kind of creative collaboration can lead to global understanding, the celebration of diversity, and peace.

That’s why we design and lead international projects that let American students tell their own stories while they learn the stories of their peers in other countries. In a virtual space between cultures, our students do projects together that help them discover their own creativity even as they’re discovering the creativity—and the humanity—in people who may seem very different from them.

In our projects, students write and create, they make art and music, and they learn about drama and movement. They join with their international peers to turn their creative work into something larger and more meaningful—a collaborative project that crosses borders and celebrates different cultures.

Our students, both in the United States and abroad, have an unforgettable experience, sharing work with each other, meeting each other in video conferences, and seeing the work they do together become a digital book or website or performance.

They also learn that despite time zones, geography, politics, and language, when you work with others on a project that’s important and beautiful, the lines between Us and Them begin to blur. Soon, there is no Them. Soon, we’re all Us. Connected…creative…and human.

Explore our site and imagine the amazing things we can do together.

International Projects

International Projects

Let us create and carry out an amazing international writing project with your students or your group and their peers in another country. We can work with you whether you’re based in the US or abroad.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Schedule a dynamic, interactive professional development workshop that will inspire your teachers to bring global competence and international projects into their classrooms.

Our Mission

The mission of Blue Planet Writers’ Room is to lead groups of students from different countries in creative international projects. Our Writers’ Room spans the globe, and in this virtual space between cultures, we strive to help students develop their skills in creativity, global awareness, and the making and sharing of stories. We seek to increase their tolerance and celebration of diversity, to involve them in the advancement of international cooperation, and to help them realize that despite our differences, we are all connected, creative, and human.


Deborah Zoe Laufer


"Though I am a New York-based playwright, three of my plays have received their world premieres in South Florida. This has given me the opportunity to work with both of these remarkable women, and to become familiar with the Palm Beach artistic community. Their initiative is such a boon to the community. I only wish there were two such bright, enthusiastic, capable people to bring this program to my community in Westchester. I am delighted to be included on their honorary advisory board and to support their efforts."

Doug Cooney

Playwright and Children's Book Author

"I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Ms. Bresciano and Ms. Hyatt on an educational outreach program that placed a professional writer in residence with literacy-challenged high school students with the goal of writing a full-length play in 10 weeks. During this time, I became well-acquainted with the secret to success exercised by Ms. Bresciano and Ms. Hyatt: a drive to seek out and test new ideas and to never take no for an answer. With their forces combined, I do not imagine there is any challenge these women cannot overcome. Their dedication, their passion, and their commitment promise to create a meaningful and life-transforming opportunity for the educational and cultural life of Palm Beach County."

Debbie Battles

Principal / North Grade Elementary School

"Students have developed a love for writing and are very proud to be in this [afterschool writing] club. The students' assessment of the project was very positive and included such comments as "It's fun and helps me write better!" Others have asked, "How can I join the Blue Planet Writers' Club?" It is without hesitation that I offer my support to this creative and fun writing project. I am appreciative that this opportunity has been afforded to our students."

Jeff Fessler

Elementary Educator

"Thanks for allowing me – and my students – to experience the highlight of our year with the Kids’ Own event. I feel so lucky to be part of such a mindbending experience! In those couple of hours the kids understood what it’s like to have a world without borders and I know they’ll be better citizens of this planet (our blue planet!) because of it. Keep up the good work – your mission is so needed right now."

Dwayne Taylor

Digital Connectors Director / Northwood Youth Empowerment Center, West Palm Beach

"I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Blue Planet Writers' Room. Susan Gay Hyatt and Cora Bresciano are two of the best educators I have ever had the privilege of working with. They turned my Digital Connector class into a work of art. They brought the best out of each of my students. They made my students into writers and poets and sparked their imaginations. Their talent is amazing! They were able to get my class of technical students (geeks) engaged in writing, not just on the surface, but deep down in hearts and minds. In today's world of average and substandard teachers and programs, Blue Planet represents what education should be! They inspired my students to do more, to learn more about writing, and to learn more about themselves though writing. As I stated in a meeting of afterschool program administrators, "you are a fool if you are not using Blue Planet Writers' Room in your programs!" They are simply the best. They are exceptional educators, with great teaching and writing methods, and they will get the best out of each and every one of your students."

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