Save the Date for Blue Planet’s 3rd Annual Summer Institute!

Maps are an integral part of our world. We map things to find our way, to get the lay of the land. To visualize and analyze events. To see where we’ve been–and where we’re headed.

When we talk about global education, about crossing geographic and cultural borders, maps of all kinds can help us in our quest to teach students about the world outside their own neighborhoods. We can map progress…similarities and differences…customs and traditions…social concerns…global and local issues.

In short: we can create a cartography of culture.

Teachers, teaching artists/writers, cultural educators, education majors–Come spend a weekend learning how to bring a world of culture into your classroom with globally themed writing and arts projects. Learn about connecting your students to their peers overseas to learn, firsthand, about other countries and cultures. Get ready for hands-on workshops, creative play, lots of take-home resources, and interacting with other globally-minded educators. Get ready to map out a plan to enrich your students’ education and to reinvigorate your teaching.

We’re assembling our roster of experts and planning the details of this inspiring weekend, and we’ll be posting details here as the schedule evolves. In the meantime, you can get a sense of what the Institute is like by taking a look at last year’s schedule here.

Hope to see you this summer for an extraordinary professional development experience!