Have your students or your group participate in an incredible project that crosses borders with technology and creativity.


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Are you an educator outside of the United States who would like to involve students in an international project with Blue Planet’s American students? We’re always looking for new schools and organizations to partner with our local classes! Participation for non-USA partners is always free of charge. Get in touch with us by using our contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

12-Week Creative International Project At Your Site

These projects are designed especially for school-age groups. We lead the entire initiative for you, from connecting your students with their partners overseas to producing a striking final project that showcases your students’ hard work. Each project is customized for your group and includes:

  • 12 weekly, one-hour workshops (during or after school)
  • A highly experienced, professional teaching writer or teaching artist to lead the project
  • Participation of age-matched international partners
  • When time zones allow, an “in-person” virtual meeting between your group and the international partners
  • A beautiful final project, documented online and downloadable for free
  • All writing materials, art supplies, and other materials used in the project

Grades: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Group size: up to 25 students

Times offered: during or after school

Hometown Stories

The Hometown Stories international writing project can take place across five weekly workshops or during one incredibly creative, intensive week of writing and art-making for your students or community group. Participants will write and make art about their hometowns, revise and shape their work for publication, and see their tales become part of the Story Map on the international Hometown Stories website at www.hometownstories.org. The project includes:

  • 5 two-hour workshops (after school or evenings/weekends)
  • A highly experienced, professional teaching writer to lead the project
  • Publication of participants’ original stories on the international Hometown Stories website
  • An author reading by your group
  • All writing materials, art supplies, and other materials used in the project

Grades: 9-12 or adult groups

Group size: up to 25

Times Offered: in school, after school, or evenings/weekends

Professional Development Workshops

During our engaging, hands-on professional development workshops, teachers get inspired to connect their students with the world.

  • Learn creative, meaningful strategies for increasing your students’ global competence (with a minimum of planning and paperwork on your part!)
  • Discover how to connect your class to their peers in another country to interact and create together via the internet.
  • Explore how your students can use creative writing and the arts to teach about their own culture while learning about the world outside our borders.

Our professional development sessions are just what you need to bring the planet into your classroom. And all of our workshops will provide you with lots of great materials and resources that you can take away and use in your own global adventures with your students.

For enthusiastic educators of students in grades 3-12

Group size: up to 40

Times Offered: during or after school hours; weekends